Work from home looked like a far-off dream a decade back, but the current situation in 2020 has forced everyone to go remote. In such times, it is important to have a workspace that is not only inspiring but boosts your productivity too.

So here are some amazing ideas that will help you design a home office that is both functional and aesthetic.

1. Get the Bright Light Inside

Having a desk facing the window does not only looks good but also keeps you motivated all day. Try to create a niche office space at home that receives fresh sunlight. Just reuse your old study table, place a lamp, and voila! a pretty home office is ready. 

2. Dramatic Dark Shades

While all-white spaces look undeniably flawless, there is a charm in dark interiors too. Repaint your old walls and let your creativity flow out to create a daunting home office. Just place a few accessories to bring life to space and make it look enchanting!

3. Comforts First 

You are going to spend countless hours sitting on the chair, working. Therefore, it is always recommended to invest in good quality and a comfortable chair. Make sure the height is proper, cushion is cosy and the backrest is as per your liking. 

4. Get Creative with the Display

Maintaining the aesthetics of your tiny home office can be hard plus most of the people do not like to splurge a lot of money on it. This is a great time to display all your collectibles! Be it your range of cameras, flashcards, or pebbles. Decorating the shelf with your favorite pieces will add a personal touch to space and make it look prettier!

5. Accentuate with Accessories

Accessories can make even a dull place look drop-dead gorgeous! You can punctuate the space using accent colours like vibrant red or blue. Or just conceptualize the space using golden detailing in the décor items to get a cohesive look. This is the time when you can go crazy with quirky knickknacks. There is a myriad of décor items available online that can spruce up your table.

6. Deck Up the Wall 

Most of the home offices have blank walls that give a dead stare! Try to decorate the wall using pictures, postcards, or paintings. Think out of the box and try to create an inspiration board filled with pictures that boosts your productivity or some sayings that influenced your life. Making a mood board on the wall works great for creative professionals. You can also use calendars or stick to-do list stating the deadlines. Just about anything that could make the space colourful and peppy!

7. Bring in the Greenery

Having plants near your workspace can really enhance the vibes of the room. It is a healthy and sustainable way to decorate a space. A pinch of greenery can really brighten up the desk making it look livelier. If you are too scared of the commitment, you can grab succulents or plants that are maintenance-free. 

These were some of the funky and functional ideas to transform your boring home office into an inspiring and productive corner.

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