CartCartoon Warehouseoon Warehouse – Various cartoon character in the TV screen picture can be enjoyed ranging from super heroes, aliens, animals can talk and characters of traditional folklore packed into cardboard boxes in a warehouse number Woodland Hills beside the railway line.

In addition there are also one-dimensional, brightly colored painting on acetate depicting famous characters like the Lone Ranger, Lassie, Tarzan, Pinocchio and Flash Gordon, and characters familiar to children. For most of the history of the 80’s, there was painting known as cels are considered valuable on the animated film.

However Filmation Associates, Woodland Hills company that makes animation cels, was in the verge of collapse last year when Herman Rush came. Cartoon Warehouse Rush belongs today to the biggest. Rush is a former TV marketing executive who agreed to take over the storage cels, and the company offered to pay Filmation royalties in exchange for the right to sell them.

Royal Art animation from Burbank, owned by Rush and partner, has acquired the rights of the other studios, Rush to sell nearly 7 million cels stored in Cartoon Warehouse in Japan and Korea, in addition to Woodland Hills, Rush also control marketing. He is the provider of the world’s largest animation art.

The main competitor kingdom as an independent distributor of the art animation is another Linda Jones, daughter of Chuck Jones, who helped develop the Warner Bros. characters such as Bugs Bunny cartoon and Wile E. Coyote. Royal is the only source of legitimate cels of 43 animated television series and films depicting the main character 132.

Although others may have cels from the series, but Royal has acquired the legal right to sell it. The original cost of creating cels by Rush was nearly $ 200 million. The resale value of even a fraction of the cels are considered valuable, he hoped, could be that much or more.

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