When it comes to cooking, whether you are truly passionate or you are just trying to put together a simple salad, and regardless of the time you choose to allocate to this activity, you will definitely need some kitchen accessories to facilitate your work. The cutting board will be the first thing you’ll grab, and that’s exactly the subject of our article.

They may seem just some everyday objects and the market is flooded by hundreds of models, in different shapes, colors, textures, some more attractive than other. In reality though, such an object is not at all ordinary.

Choosing the cutting board for your kitchen

Although cutting boards made out of plastic are very eye-catchy, wooden board are always a better choice. Not only are they generally time lasting, they are also resistant to shock and, the most important thing, the natural acid present in the material destroys bacteria.

A cutting board is so much more than a flat rectangular or round surface

Depending on the activity in which you are planning on using it, you can choose one cleverly built to ease your work as much as possible. We are talking, of course, about functionality, ingenuity and appearance. Here are some examples:


The puzzle cutting board is nothing more than an ensemble of such objects, which allows you to combine pieces and obtain a larger or smaller surface, depending on what you want. Why worry about storing a large cutting board when you can build one whenever you need to?


The serrated cutting board is a construction made out of triangular pieces, held by a steel support, to maintain rigidity and shape. It will help you cut perfect slices of bread, and avoid the multitude of crumbs that spread everywhere during this process.


The storage cutting board will save you from washing more dishes than necessary and will help you store freshly cut fruits and vegetables. As chopping is quite a frequent activity in the kitchen, there is nothing more useful than a cutting board that also hides some small storage recipient. Well, perhaps an automatic shredder would be more useful, but you get the idea.

Photos via Piterest

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