Modern Dining Table DesignModern Dining Table Design – Here we will talk about the dining table and home furnishings. When we need a workbench or table, we will need a well-made table without the need for treatment, but the quality is maintained. I have made more than 2,000 tables in 20 years as household furniture maker. Here are the basic things to consider in making the design table.

How much space is required for each person? Modern Dining Table Design will unveil the design of the dining table that matches the size of the room and number of people. Along the sides of a rectangular table, requiring approximately 23 “wide minimum per place setting or a side chair a roomier setting is 30.” Per settings. That’s what you need with armrests and one foot in front of the chair for place settings, plus the space you need for food or decorations in the middle of the table.

A table that has a width of 30 inches wide can be done on a full quarter as a small kitchen. A wide table is unfortunately leaving little space between space for food, dishes and decorations. Table width between 36 and 40 inches gives about 12 “in the middle of the table for the dishes and table decorations Forty two inches wide giving plenty of space in the middle. For extra large table, or extra large room, a table with a width of 44”. Width greater than 44 “will make the table more difficult.modern-dining-room-tables-15




At least 12 “for a place setting at the end of the table. Modern Dining Table Design has a concept, if the table has a trestle base or litter that may encroach knee space for the people sitting at the table, add more space. Example where there is a tavern table has 14 “of overhang end.

The round table is a space saver with no sharp corners. They have curves away from the seat, making it more space around a round table for place settings because the settings slope like slices of cake to the table. Twenty-six inches. Thirty inches is better. The formula for calculating the distance around round tables are pi (3.14159) times the diameter of the circle.

The people sitting at the table should be able to get in and out of their seats with ease. Leave 32 “of the edge of the table, but thirty-six inches would be better to push the chair back from the table.

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