What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about outdoor kitchens? No food odours in your home, right? Or is it an enjoyable meal cooked and served in your backyard? Well, we alternate between these two perks.


However, just like a regular kitchens, an outdoor one needs to be carefully planned and designed. Even if it’s not an actual room, its construction should be treated like one. And in this article we’ll give you a few tips on how to choose the perfect location, what materials to use and what appliances you should buy.


One of the most important aspects is where you will install your outdoor kitchens. The easy way is to have it backed to your indoor kitchens, so that plumbing and piping could be easily joined. But if you really want it to be in open space, you can place it at the opposite side of your home, in order to avoid smoke to enter your house. If you have a pool, a playing area or a garden, think about how you would like it to integrate it in the decor.


Then, you should plan for utilities. An outdoor kitchens needs a sink, an oven, a grill, a refrigerator, lighting, power outlets. That is if you mean business. For all these you should have a budget, so plan ahead, because it’s quite a costly project.

Also, for an outdoor kitchens you’ll need waterproof cabinets and weather resistant materials. Everything in an outdoor kitchen will be exposed to hot weather, rain, snow and wind, unless you have it built under a patio. You need to take this into consideration when shopping for kitchen materials. The best you can use are natural stone, concrete, acrylic based materials and stainless steel.


If you hire a kitchens manufacturer, you will be properly advised on how to choose the right materials and appliances.

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