Trendy Lights for Your Living Room

Trendy Lights for Your Living Room

The lighting of your interior space is one of the most vital aspects of your home’s design. There are endless possibilities when it comes to lighting up your living room. Do you want a space that is brighter, or would you instead go for a dimmer atmosphere? The lighting position is also just as important as the actual light fixture; it can play an important role in manipulating your living room’s atmosphere.

The lighting has to reflect the function and feel of a space. Whether you want to redecorate a living room entirely or simply want to add some accent lights throughout the area, we have compiled a list of modern lighting fixtures for your living room. It would provide you beautiful options for your next revamping project.

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Pendant Chandelier

Modern décor is mostly based on clean forms; whether it is a modern kitchen, a modern couch, or contemporary lighting, excessive ornamentation is losing its charm.

This simpler and cleaner ceiling lighting designs by Litfad, fist perfectly in a modern living room decor.  This low-profile pendant chandelier will single-handedly enhance the beauty of minimalist space. This lighting fixture focuses on soft neutral colors, simple geometric designs, and prominence of form over extravagant aesthetics.

Trendy Lights for Your Living Room

Image Credit: Litfad

Vintage Sleek Edison Wall Light

Trendy Lights for Your Living Room Time and time again, the industrial style has proved that it is not going anywhere sooner. This industrial Vintage Edison wall light adds to the lighting trend of 2020; it will give your space a nostalgic feel. It is a perfect fit for your modern home, hotels, and bars. The round cone shape of this wall light makes your living room homey. Install this lighting fixture if you instantly want to transform a normal-looking living room into something exciting.

Image Credit: houzz

Mountain View:

Homeowners are falling in love with bigger lighting fixtures, for some areas of the house, like above a coffee table placed in a living room, or a corner table in your study. This way, you can create a “Wow” factor and attract instant attention. This “mountain view” pendant light by Axo light is more than lighting; it acts as a centerpiece. This lighting fixture is like a mountain enclosed in a transparent bell. It is made of transparent blown glass hand-crafted by a master artisan. Mountain View lighting fixture has a precious and refined personality. It can be used over the kitchen island, over the dining table, at the foyer, and along exterior footpaths, among other areas.

Trendy Lights for Your Living Room

Image Credit: Axolight


Gone are the days when you had to flood your living room’s ceiling with various light bulbs to have enough illumination. Today we have simple pendant lights to wall lights for your living room that come in multiple styles (like retro, modern and, industrial), which will provide you ample illumination and also level up the look of your space to leave your guests talking.

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