We can’t help but notice many people are not aware of the vast possibilities wall decorating offers. Usually, we are accustomed to seeing one pattern: wall painted in a solid color, decorated with pictures, paintings etc. With this article, we are planning on giving you some new and original wall painting ideas, so that you can acknowledge the true decorative potential.wall

There are spectacular effects you can achieve on your walls, but you need to know which technique to use. Read on and learn some of the most popular.

How to obtain a leather effect on the wall

Just as any other painting job, you need to start with the preparation of the area. Make sure you clean and rinse your walls and make sure they are really dry (leave them to air-dry naturally) before actually starting working on them. After this, protect the areas you don’t want paint to get on, such as power outlets, light switches and window frames.

Now it is time to apply the primer – choose a dark one. After the primer dried (check the manufacturer’s instructions), you will need to apply a new coat, just like you did with the primer, only this time it will be a dark-color base paint.

For the fun part, you will need some sort of latex paint and glaze. Combine the two in a 1:1 to 1:4 ratio, based on the products specifications or your own preferences. Use a scrunched up plastic bag to dab the mixture onto the wall. Do this lightly, as too much pressure might compromise the texture. If necessary, you can apply another coat of glaze.

Create geometric forms using tape for wall

This technique is much easier than you would expect. All you need is paint in different colors and some paper tape. With this style of painting, you need to think in reverse. First, look at this picture:wall-paint-idea-1

See the lines? That’s the color you should use for the base (dark colors are not recommended). After your wall is nice and dry, start taping your wall, creating beautiful shapes. Paint just like you did in your coloring books and, after you’ve finished, peel of the tape. Easy, right?

Create a stunning texture for your wall

Do you like the texture of the wallpaper? If so, since we are discussing wall painting ideas, we are not going to tell you to buy it, but rather give you a tip on how to obtain with paint.

All you need to have is a broomstick willing to sacrifice itself for your interior décor. Paint the wall using a roller, just like you would usually do. Before it’s dry, create the desired texture with the broomstick. For further instructions, please see the image below.



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